Terms & Conditions

Dear Valuable Customers, thanks for reading the following Notes!

We, London Scarves as a branch of Lukx Ltd,we just do wholesale not retail. This means that we are a business to business company and we do not sell direct to consumers though we can provide the consumers with the addresses of our retail customers so they can enjoy buying their scarves from them. Therefore, having considered the nature of our business, only our retailer customers can have access to our website and check the details of our products and order after they register and we approve their registerations. 



Because you are in business and you want your business to be successful by ordering the right products, we are sure that you might give some of your valuable time to suppliers when ordering your products for resell. So please spend a bit of your time to register and check all the details so you would not go wrong with the products you buy from us. It is worth while pointing out that we have tried to make our website in such way that you see all details of our products as easy as possible.

Please pay attention to the following points before you start registration:

1- You have to be a retailer or a business to order with us.

2-We need to know about your business a little more in order to give you approval so please email us with more information about your business location, landline telephone and the nature of your business so we can establish who is buying from us. This will help you and us to work together for success and competition.

3-If your business is based in one of European community members country and your VAT is registered there (Excluding United Kingdom), please enter the right VAT number matching your address and name for Cross Checking so we would not charge you VAT in the U.K. The VAT might be dealt with by your own country authorities in future. Other Countries outside EU do not have to enter their VAT number.

4-We consider you as a part of our business success so without you we would never be able to succeed or run the business. Therefore, we do our best to give you the right products you have ordered. And we make a lot of efforts to work in your behalf finding, pinpointing and manufacture the styles that consumers love to wear and at the end there would be no Mark Down with your stock and you will be able to sell faster and attract your customer to come back to you. Considering all the facts above, we want to work with you in a very possible friendly way so both of us succeed in our efforts. We have, as human, some errors and mistakes that we would happily try to correct them so please do not hesitate to discuss it with us.

5-Please take a little of your valuable time to read about the delivery policy, return policy and disclaimer in our website.

Thank you very much and welcome to join our business team.